Classic Clear

Classic ClearReminiscent of the glass used in Coca Cola bottles, Classic Clear has a slightly greenish tint that is only really noticable in thicker pieces such as tile. Thin pieces, such as ornaments, have a delicate modeled look, but are pretty much colorless.

Specific colors are created by mixing minerals into the crushed glass before firing. Once molten, a chemical reaction takes place and we have color. Minerals aren't the only factor though. Temperature and time play a role, as well as the source glass itself. When glass is on display, the environment, lighting and thickness of the glass will all play a role in the color a viewer sees.

All of our glass is created from recycled windows and other glass that would otherwise go to the landfill. This glass comes from many sources and already has mineral and chemical content that we cannot control. Therefore our colors will vary. We strive to keep colors as consistent as possible and make every effort to display those colors accurately on this web site.

Computer monitors also vary in the color, contrast, and brightness a viewer sees. Differences in color can be subtle and go unseen, so if you are considering a large purchase and are particular about getting the color just right, please call with your specifications before ordering.